Hybridized Wax by Hanz de Fuko


Sponge Wax is The best wax formulation for achieving the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness with a great matte finish. Unique ingredients combine for limitless styling creativity with long-lasting, pliable hold.

  • Great for all hair types, especially thick, unmanageable hair.
  • Also can be used as a pre-styler
  • Provides heat protect

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This Hybridized Wax with medium hold is made for edgy hair experiments. Whether you’re aiming for a smooth or heavily textured hairstyle, this product goes on clean without residue.

Iridescent mica gives this water-based wax a natural shine, while a blend of oils, including clove leaf, eucalyptus and sage will moisturize and condition your hair and stimulate hair growth.

Hybridized Wax Usage

Rub dime sized amounts between your fingertips, then work through damp or dry hair to achieve polished to piece-y looks.

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What People Have to Say

I love the color of this hybridized wax. It has such a cool shine to it and keeps my crazy curly thick hair tamed. Thank you HDF!

This product is so cool. Because it is water soluble, you can leave the jar open over night, and in the morning, the product will feel thicker and give your hair a great hold!

I have baby hairs that never seem to stay in place, but when I apply this product to them, they slick back and stay in place all day long! Thank you Hanz de Fuko!

I initially tried just a pinch of this product from my boyfriend's batch so he wouldn't notice I used it. I have medium length hair with an awkward wave in it. This product tames my hair, gives it hold with a nice bounce and a natural shine. Best of all, a little goes a long way. Eventually, he noticed I was using it. I now buy my own and it's so worth it. Love at first try!

I'm somewhat of a noob to styling products. The girl who cut my hair at Peoples used this product on my hair. I was blown away by the ease, style and texture. I've started using it on my own and I feel really good about my look. I have hair confidence. It's a real thing!